Orchid Palm Inn

Orchid Palm Inn • Orange Walk • Belize

"If you don’t want to break the bank but want a really pleasant stay‚ this is the perfect place" -anonymous

OTours & Packages

Orchid Palm Inn has affiliated itself with a couple of the tour agencies in Orange Walk Town to be able to provide our guest with the best tours to explore Orange Walk and Belize. We provide only the best and are sure that the experienced tour guides will make your trip a very memorable one.

A couple of the tours provided by affiliated tour agencies with Orchid Palm Inn ranges from exploring the Ancient Temples of the Mayas to Bird Watching around Orange Walk with over 366 species of birds discovered in the district of Orange walk and rising. Apart from these tours‚ you are offered cave tubing, Arial trekking, and out in the caribbean sea you can try snorkeling & scuba diving.

However, if you really want an "Al-tour-native" Orchid Palm Inn offers tours of its own. It is called, Jungle Tour & Fish Fry, which involves exploring the neighbouring jungle to get better acquainted with the surrounding flora and fauna in Orange Walk. After which you head on to the private fish ponds where you have the fun of throwing your fish line to catch your lunch and frying it on the grill provided.