Orchid Palm Inn

Orchid Palm Inn • Orange Walk • Belize

"If you don’t want to break the bank but want a really pleasant stay‚ this is the perfect place" -anonymous


"Thank you so much for such a lovely place. We will send a lot of friends to you."

Rahel & Jörg Affolter, Switzerland - 19.05.2007

"The boy Daniel was a good help to us. He gave us all the attention we needed for the night made us feel welcome and comfortable."

Samos Junior, San Pedro - 10.01.2008

"We had a wonderful time. You were so helpful. Thank you for making our stay so great. Our daughter really loved playing with Rashidah"

Mark Soley, 11.04.2008

"We've had a wonderful experience here. Thank you for taking us to the lagoon and being so kind to us. The meal was out of this world. God Bless ya'll."

Barbie, Beth & Amanda, 23.07.2007 - 30.07.2007

"Keep up the good work. God Bless you!"

Matthias Hill, Cayo - 26.01.2008

"The internet service, coffee for the guests and also bananas, thats great! Very hospitable and friendly staff, really great, keep it up!!!"

Florence Williams, Punta Gorda - 25.01.2008

"From the moment we walked in - staff were helpful, friendly - offered us coffee while we were waiting to check in. The room was exceptionally clean, modern & beautiful decor."

Carol Hipfner, 23.12.2008

"It was marvelous; we sure have to agree with the people who suggested the inn to us! The staff is well aware of the best places for lunch and entertainment, we liked that very much. The tours were splendid! We can say that we enjoy every second of the two days at Orchid Palm."

- Anonymous

"It's a great value!"

Gabriela Alvarez, New York - 30.03.2009

"It was great staying here. We love the environment. I know it was a perfect stay, I can't ask for anything better. Love the way you design the quilt. Love the atmosphere it was very comfortable. Thanks for keeping it clean. I love it! I love it! I love it!"

Kierah, - 07.01.2008

"Super Duper Fantastic, Bridget & Danny make stay worthwhile. Thank you."

- Justin, Allen & Alex