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OAbout Orange Walk Town

Orange Walk Town‚ the principal town of the area‚ is 55 miles or 75 minutes drive north of Belize City. The town is a mix of Spanish‚ Maya‚ East Indians‚ mennonites‚ and chinese. Mexican influences remain strong‚ and you will hear Spanish‚ English and Creole spoken by many.

Passing through the town is the New River‚ once an active Mayan trading waterway‚ and leading to the stunning Mayan ruins of Lamanai‚ on the edges of the New River Lagoon. The trip to visit these ruins is a marvelous journey by boat along a river teeming with life‚ including tail-kites‚ crocodiles and iguanas sunning themselves‚ cormorants‚ bats and jacanas‚ and also passes communities of denim-dressed Mennonites.

The district has become a very popular destination for birding professionals and amateur. Belize is part of one of the richest birding areas of the planet‚ and Orange Walk with its diverse habitats records the largest bird list in the country. Around 366 bird species have been recoreded in the Lamanai area‚ and still rising.

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