Nuwave Oven Vs Sharper Image Wave Oven

Is the nu-wave oven better than the sharper image super wave oven?

april 16

i have the nuwave, love it, but the version from sharper image ;super wave; is not only cheaper, it is more to bump this thread because i just got the super wave oven.
I just got my hands on the new super wave oven by sharper image and tried it out on a couple of standard meals. i was pretty surprised at how the food came.
Www.bedbathandbeyond.com the sharper image¬ super wave oven the sharper image¬ 1300-watt (2 of 7) nu-wave oven; nuwave oven pro digital black with extender ring.

Infrared wave oven - 35 results like nuwave oven pro infrared oven black, nu-wave the sharper image super wave oven. forget about traditional ovens, stove tops and prone.

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